Univest - Arabian Group is a family owned group of companies founded in 1989, in

Horsh Tabet / Sin El Fil, to serve the hospitality & healthcare sector providing them

with the most professional, reliable and safe products.

In 1996, Univest - Arabian Group has moved to Mar Roukoz / Dekwaneh; during this

period, the company has grown, increasing the number of employees to over 100, and

expanding its products’ range to become one of the leaders in this market, serving

around 3000 customers and covering different sectors.

In 2009, the company started its production of tissue converting, packaging and

printing. Univest is equipped to provide its customers with a broad range of paper


In 2013, a 5000m² purpose-built factory was rooted in Mar Roukoz / Dekwaneh to

produce plastics like trash bags and flexible packaging products.

During the same year, a pest control division was established in order to provide

comprehensive solutions to control major pests and rodents being vectors of important


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